This is the third version of the grass cord that expresses masculine luster. We produced original cords at a factory based in Fukui Prefecture, one of the largest producers of synthetic fibers. It is said that the textile industry flourished in the Hokuriku region due to its heavy rain and high humidity, which makes it harder to break the thread and makes it harder for bubbles to come out. In order to create a masculine gaze on a lame with a feminine impression, this product is made with woven black-type lame threads. The slight reflexes express a masculine gloss. In addition, the type with a large difference in color of the string is easy to attach even to women, creating a bright impression. You can easily adjust the length by simply hooking your finger on the ring part of the string and sliding the adjustment parts made of Italian leather. In addition, the Italian leather of the adjustable parts changes to a deep color each time you use it, and becomes an accent of one point of the rear figure.

< Full-vegetable tanning leather from Italy >
This is the finest leather tanned by the traditional packaging method in the Toscana region of Italy. The natural wrinkles and Italian color characteristic of natural leather can be enjoyed, and the aging of taste can be enjoyed each time they are used.


SIZE 〜76cm(adjustable)
  • Acrylic fiber cord
  • Antique aging brass parts
  • Italian vegetable tanning leather
  • Made in Japan
  • 【A】Dark Grey & Red Grey / Red Leather
  • 【B】Dark Grey & Dark Blue Grey / Orange Leather
  • 【C】Dark Grey & Light Grey / Blue Leather
  • 【D】Dark Brown & Brown / Yellow Leather
  • 【E】Dark Red & Red / Dark Brown Leather
  • 【F】Dark Blue & Blue / Black Leather